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Are you constantly on high alert

Feeling on-edge about a relationship or dreading social situations…

Feeling like you just can’t seem to stop worrying?

You know that some anxiety is a normal part of life- but you wonder if it is time to get help.

If you always seem to feel fearful, on-edge, overwhelmed, or panicky…

You've come to the right place!

The good news is that anxiety has been proven to be very treatable with evidence-based treatment approaches! 

You’ll get a customized treatment plan designed just for you.

I’ve helped people learn evidence-based skills, identify tools to help them feel more calm, and teach  them change their thinking.

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With Anxiety Therapy You Can Feel More:

MAMFT Therapy-Counseling


MAMFT Therapy-Counseling



In Control.



In Control.

Not sure you're experiencing anxiety?
Here are some indicators:

✓ Feeling on edge 

✓ Restlessness

✓ Racing thoughts

✓ Poor concentrating or making decisions

✓ Irritability

✓ Nervous in social situations

✓ Chronic worry

✓ Feeling overwhelmed

✓ Chronic obsessive thoughts

✓ Chronic intrusive thoughts

✓ Trying to find certainty and control- without success

✓ Panic



Yes! Therapy is one of the best methods to develop the skills and tools to manage and reduce the severity of anxiety. Your therapist will use a variety of methods suited to your needs so that you will be equipped to manage anxiety even after you stop therapy.

It depends on the person.  There are time-tested and proven methods but which one is right for you will depend.  Additionally, , rather it is a matter of the therapist’s preference. At Calm Again Counseling we use evidence-based methods that are proven to be effective in treating anxiety. These include CBT, EMDR, & Mindfulness.

If your symptoms match the indicators in the dark blue box above, you would likely benefit from seeking treatment. Symptoms vary from person-to-person and can range from mildly bothersome to full-blown unmanageable.

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