Don't Let Depression Steal Another Day.

There is hope.

Providing evidence-based depression therapy in the Indianapolis area

You know that hopeless feeling...

When time is moving so slowly… every second feels like an hour…

Everything in your life feels like a chore, even if it used to be fun…

You have lost motivation and feel detached and numb

It’s hard to wake-up…

You don’t want to see people because they just don’t get it and you’re embarrassed that you can’t just snap out of it?

You keep waiting for things to get better...

all you want is to be comfortable and at peace in your body and mind again...

You deserve to move past your depression & find joy again...

and I can help guide you!

Here’s the good news:

There are many effective and long-lasting evidence-based methods and resources available that can help to relieve your depression while helping you to break old habits.  

I create custom treatment plans for people that struggle just like you.

I help my clients learn the tools and skills they need so they can gain renewed motivation, relief and forward momentum.

Thriving Starts Now.

Depression therapy can help you:


1. Reconnect to the people you love the most.

Regain interest in the people and things you once enjoyed.


2. Rediscover your joy in the things that are most important to you

You’ll start feeling like yourself again!


3. Feel energized, rather than fatigued

Feel good  and end depression’s discomfort, fatigue, and hopelessness.

Here are some clues you may be depressed:

Changes in mood

✓ Sleeping issues

✓ Insomnia

✓ Anxiety

✓ Fatigue

✓ Social Isolation

✓ Loss of appetite

✓ Loss of interest in activities

✓ Little to no motivation

✓ Feeling useless

✓ Loss of interest

✓ Feeling hopeless

✓ Thoughts of suicide

✓ Unable to feel pleasure

✓ Weight loss or Weight gain

✓ Sadness


Sadly, yes it is.  16 million Americans struggle with depression each year.  If you are depressed, it may feel like you are alone, but there are many people out there experiencing similar thoughts and feelings that you have.

It depends on the person.  There are time-tested and proven methods but which one is right for you will depend.  I provide very targeted interventions using multiple therapies (CBT, DBT, EMDR, etc) that are proven to be effective in treating depression

Many things can cause people to become depressed. Stress can bring on depression.  Hormones changes- during pregnancy or menopause- can cause overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Certain medical conditions (for example, hypothyroidism) also has similar symptoms to depression. When there are difficult life circumstances- such as grief and loss- depression (at least for a period of time) is expected.

If you’re suffering from depression, you might not be motivated- or maybe even realize- you could use some help.


One reason for this is that after a while, depression starts to feel normal. By its very nature, depression makes you feel indifferent, as though there’s no point in getting help.


While it’s normal to feel sad at times, it’s not normal to feel extremely sad for long periods of time.

  • Have you been suffering from depression longer than a month?
  • Do depressive symptoms interfere with your everyday life?

If so, I’d suggest reaching out to some to get help for your depression.

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